KRISTINA MATSUMOTO: Academically inspired to play badminton

Some students decide what sports they’re going to play before even starting high school and some decide after a couple years that they would like to try something new. However for senior Kristina Matsumoto neither of these scenarios was the case.

Matsumoto was academically inspired to join the badminton team her last year of high school so she could qualify for scholarships. “I needed to play two sports to qualify for certain scholarships,” she said. “I already play tennis and since my sister plays badminton I decided to give it a try.” Since she has been on the team, she has gained more interest and determination for the sport.

“Agility is something one needs to be the best at their sport,” Matsumoto said. She decided to take skills from her experience playing tennis and transferred them to help benefit her for badminton. “I already had a lot of experience when it comes to hand-eye coordination and the speed needed for badminton.”

Matsumoto describes herself as a very competitive person and since this is her first badminton season, that competitiveness pushes her to do her absolute best. “Now that this sport is completely new to me, it gives me that extra motivation to be so much better.”

She finds it’s easy balancing school and badminton even though at times her schedule gets a little hectic. “It’s not hard for me to get my work done and also be at practice everyday,” Matsumoto said.