KEITH SMITH: Having fun in football


Senior Keith Smith has always been what he calls “naturally athletic.” He’s enjoyed playing in different sports in his childhood, and was always outside playing football with his friends. It was no surprise to anyone when he decided to join the high school football team his freshman year.

The past three years, Smith has been able to hone his abilities and become a football player that many of his teammates look up to. Smith is a starting wide receiver. He says in order to have success, he has to have a strong connection with the quarterback. Smith says, “Cameron [the quarterback] is my boy, we just have that brotherly connection.”

Smith attributes most of his success to his teammates always pumping him up and encouraging him to do his best. Smith says on days like game days, he really appreciates his teammates enthusiasm.

“On game days, you really just don’t want anything bringing down your vibe,” Smith says. “They’re able to help me relax and stay cool.” Smith works his hardest at practice. He believes that you should practice to the best of your ability because it will reflect how you play in a game. Although Smith is already a good player, he hopes to keep improving and maybe even continue to play in college.