JoAnn Sagaral: Drawing helps understand new sport

Playing a sport isn’t always just about being the athlete of the school. Sometimes it’s the ones who go unnoticed that take sports as a mental challenge. “When I focus on swimming, I zone out,” JoAnn Sagaral said. “Just like when I’m drawing.”

A musician, an artist, and now an athlete, Sagaral chose to swim as her first sport. “I chose swim because it’s straight forward,” Sagaral said. “I have the best chance to win.”

Coming on to the already united team, the junior was shy and didn’t know many people, but they welcomed Sagaral with supporting and kind words.

Although her first year on the team, she has swam in the past for Quail Lakes.  With experience, she was able to advance to varsity and take on breaststroke, opposed to free style.

“Swim isn’t my biggest priority but it’s somewhere in between hobbies and things I focus on.”

Sagaral enjoys volunteering at churches during free because she believes it’s better to help out others instead of sitting around, especially during school breaks

Sagaral uses her artistic side to improve her swimming with different mentality strategies.

“When you draw you critique yourself as you go and it’s the same thing for swim.”