JESELLE PEREZ: Step-father inspires drive to play softball


Jeselle Perez, freshman, warms up before practice.

Jeselle Perez, freshman, started playing baseball in 2012, after her mother proposed that she try out. She enjoyed the game, but knew that by the time she entered high school she would have have to switch to softball.

Her step-father stepped in, who plays slow pitch softball, and motivated her to give softball a chance. Filling in as a father figure for her when her own father was unable to, he inspired her to give it her all.

“My step-dad was always the one to work with me and push me to do better.”

The transition from the two sports was a good experience for Perez, because her step-father assisted and encouraged her, and they formed a stronger bond with one another.

“He really helped me to get better.”

Perez now loves playing softball, the whole game and any position except catcher, but can often get frustrated from time to time because of bad calls from the umpires. Perez strives to play her best game every time she steps onto the field.She attributes her improvement over the years not only to the assistance from her step-father, but also to her mindset.

“If you want to get better you’ll work to get better.”