J’CEYONNA DESOTO: Bows and free throws

It all began six years ago, cheering for the first time. Impressively J’ceyonna Desoto has been doing cheer for years. She had found her passion for cheer at a young age, while watching a show and decided to be like the cheerleaders she saw on the tv.

Not only is Desoto a cheerleader, but also a basketball player. Recently she started her first year in the new sport. She says, “Basketball takes a lot of skill and courage to get on the court.” She explains how much work it really takes and how much she’s progressed. “If I would’ve started earlier, I would [have] been better.”

Desoto says, “It’s fun, it keeps me busy and on my toes,” explaining why she chose to do these two sports. She explains how much her body has to adjust to the athletic work and mental work. Both sports takes a lot of endurance and staying positive.

As an athlete she plans to get better through practice. She explains that the positives in being in basketball and cheer is the bond that she has with her team. Although sometimes there might be drama or excessive tiredness, it’s worth it.