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GREGORY CHRISTY: Finding new interests

After playing hockey for 10 years, Gregory Christy, junior, wanted to experience a new sport. Since he was young and saw a Stockton Thunders game, Christy had become interested in hockey and played it for the majority of his young life. When he entered high school he looked for another sport he could delve into, like he did with hockey, and he found that in golf.

Playing since freshman year, he now practices golf outside of school as well. His coaches have had a great influence on him, encouraging him to try out golf and giving constructive  He appreciates all the little details that go into the perfect swing, such as posture, ball position, grip, and alignment. Christy thinks the sport is pretty competitive as well. “Golf may not seem like a competitive sport but once you start going you really want to beat the other person… mindset is important in the game too.”

He also finds golf unique because there is no one there to call the shots besides the two participants. “There’s no referees, you have to call yourself out on everything so it shows honesty and integrity.”

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GREGORY CHRISTY: Finding new interests