FREDERICK SHADDAI: Sport offers unique aspects

While other students are sprinting laps in the pool tirelessly or swinging their rackets aggressively, senior Frederick Shaddai found himself taking a different path and joining a sport that’s much more relaxing. And that sport is golf.

After partaking in a number of sports earlier in the year, Shaddai thought to end his high school years by joining a sport he’s not too familiar with. Learning how to golf now also provides him with experience for his future. “I chose to join the team because I thought about how when I’m older, I can go play golf for fun,” Shaddai said.

Now that he’s actually went to a couple of practices and learned how to play correctly, Shaddai has learned a few things. “The game has really taught me how important patience is,” he said. Not only has his patience improved, but also his technique in golf. “I’ve also learned about how important technique is when you’re playing.”

Even if the sport is different from most, Shaddai enjoys the differences. “The more I played, the more I started to notice how therapeutic and different the sport is to others.” He also enjoys the overall environment that golf offers. “It’s very relaxing and patient, so it’s not like you’re being rushed when you’re not even ready.”

From just joining the golf team, Shaddai is very thankful for doing so. With the improved patience and the techniques that he can take to his older years, it’s made the sport well worth his time. “Now I know that it’s fine to explore your options because you never know what’s really out there.”