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FELIX MOLINA: Stepping back on the pitch

Courtesy: Daniel Herrera

Courtesy: Daniel Herrera

Some may think doing something you love for so long but then having to go a whole season without playing could put a damper on things. But for junior Felix Molina it did the total opposite.

Molina says he not only plays soccer for Stagg but as well as for outside travel teams. Being that the himself and his teammates couldn’t play last soccer season, they still got to play for outside leagues which kept them strong and read for this season. He  says that playing for outside soccer teams is what for him prepared to go to playoffs. Molina goes on to say that the last time he went to playoffs playing for Stagg was his freshman year.  

“Last year we had a huge problem with some of our best players getting kicked off the team,” Molina said. “I feel like that’s what caused us playoffs last year.”

Molina says when he goes into a game whether for school or outside of school he does get I intimidated by the bigger and taller players, but he still goes in with a positive mindset. And, although injuries may cause other sports difficulties Molina says for his team it’s way different.

“Our team is balanced compared to other schools,” Molina said. “So injuries didn’t really affect us, because there’s always someone who could cover your position.”

This year varsity boys soccer had 6 wins, 4 ties and 0 loses, which leaves them in going off to playoffs in the following weeks. He may be excited but Molina says it’s still kind of weird for him to be going off to playoffs due to the fact that his team didn’t go last year.

“I feel excited for it [playoffs],” Molina said. “I even feel like we could win playoffs and go to sections.

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FELIX MOLINA: Stepping back on the pitch