ESTEBAN RIVERA: Longtime player cherishes final year

“It’s my senior year, and probably my last time I’m going to put on a jersey,” said senior Esteban Rivera as he described his excitement for the season. “I want to make the best of it.”

Starting from just the age of six years-old, Rivera has grown used to the sport known as basketball. “I’ve been playing basketball ever since I could remember.” He began by playing on a Stockton city league team, then moved to an AAU basketball team. AAU, also known as Amateur Athletic Union, was a way of going out to better his skills. “You’re mainly just playing for you, to get yourself better.”

It wasn’t until two years ago that he stopped playing for an AAU basketball team. However, high school basketball was able to fill that gap. When comparing the two, Rivera admits he enjoys high school basketball better. “I like high school basketball better because when you’re playing, you have your friends supporting you in the crowd.” Whereas with AAU basketball, not many go to watch and support the games.

Now involved in high school basketball, Rivera has worked his way up to being one of two co-captains. “I have a big role being a leader on the team, and have to work on that.” As for the season, he expects it to be a successful one. “I expect us to be a very successful team because we play hard, we play as team.”

Even if they don’t have any standout players, everyone is well rounded and plays together efficiently. “We need each other if we want to be successful, and I think we can because we have a lot of chemistry between us.” When working together with their unique chemistry, Rivera knows they can reach their full potential as a team.