ELISSEA STAPLES: Swimming brings back childhood


“I want to learn more about swim,” junior Elissea Staples said. She joined swim because she enjoys the sense of being in the water. Since she was younger she always swam with family and friends and it’s something she looks back at to this day. “When I’m in the water I remember my dad teaching me how to swim at the age of six,” Staples said.

It also makes her feel like summer is approaching. Although she is not the best diver, she’s working on improving upon these skills. What she finds challenging about diving is tucking her chin and pushing off the diving board. She also looks upon improving her skills during freestyle relays. “I try to not get tired,” Staples said. “If I start fast (in the beginning) it’s harder to make it back.”

Since the season has barely started it’s hard to determine where the team stands as of now. Staples said that her friends give her the motivation to keep going in freestyle relays. Keeping a positive attitude and having energy helps her get through practices and games. “I feel like I perform better under pressure because the nervousness makes me try harder,” Staples said.

Over the summer she will definitely work on improving her techniques with family and hopes to be part of the team her senior year. “I want to practice pacing myself and breathing side to side,” she said. “I want (to have) endurance so I can be ready for games.”