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EDWIN HIDALGO: A necessity turned into a new interest

 Often times we find ourselves having to do things that we might not necessarily like only to accomplish something. Less often though, we discover that we actually enjoyed the journey it took to get there. For junior Edwin Hidalgo, having to earn P.E. credits led him to realize his love for tennis.

Hidalgo originally joined the boy’s tennis team in his freshman year for the purpose of earning credits. He already had a friend on the team and so believed that it would be an easier transition onto the team. Now he enjoys tennis for what it is.

“After getting to know how friendly and competitive everyone was I wanted to keep playing for all four years,” said Hidalgo.

The coaches have a big impact on him, with their friendliness and the way they make sure that everyone improves on what they’re lacking. He also enjoys the competitiveness of the sport and appreciates how much support his teammates and coaches offer throughout the season.

“I like the team because we all do it as a team…we pick up the balls together, we run together, we drink water together.”

Despite joining for graduation requirements, it’s given him a new interest and new people to meet and bond with.

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Home of the Delta Kings
EDWIN HIDALGO: A necessity turned into a new interest