DOUGLAS HUANG: Friendships on team build competition


His friends influencing him to join, Douglas Huang started playing badminton his sophomore year. Since most players join as freshmen, catching up proved difficult.

“It was kind of hard for me to learn footwork,” he said, “ but after awhile I got used to it.”

Combating inexperience, he worked to improve himself and was ranked No. 2 doubles. For the upcoming season, Huang aims to work more on footwork and hitting techniques to make the varsity team.

As the season is barely starting, Huang is unsure whether he’ll play in the same spot with the same partner or will become a singles player. “It’s easier to play with a partner since you don’t have to cover the whole court by yourself,” he said. However, since he practices as both positions, Huang is prepared for any changes in the lineup.

Huang says his friends on the team drive his competitive nature. “When friends play against friends, you want to win,” he said.