DESTINY GUZMAN: Personality adds energy to moves

The cut of the dance program at Stagg hasn’t stopped Destiny Guzman from indulging in her passion. Guzman, senior, dances in a Polynesian dance group called Te Poly Nui. She’s been with the group for five months now, hoping to become a more versatile dancer.

Guzman enjoys the styles of tap and jazz as well as Polynesian, but says her absolute favorite is hip-hop. “I like how (hip-hop) is a fast beat and every movement and step you do, you have to hit it hard,” she said.

Although she says this style doesn’t come easy to her, Guzman loves the challenge of the energetic moves and rhythmic pulses. “Not everyone feels comfortable dancing (hip-hop),” she said, “but it’s like a way of letting go and showing what you have to offer.”

Anyone who knows Guzman knows she’s always beaming with energy and ready to take on anything; her outgoing character and dedication surely transfers well on the dance floor.