DAVID ALMANZA: Running, what he does best


When junior David Almanza is out practicing for Cross Country, not only does he remind himself to breathe but to enjoy himself.

Since freshman year, Almanza wasn’t really involved when it came to extracurricular activities. It wasn’t until his sophomore year when he heard about Cross Country.

“I wanted to do a sport but I didn’t know what to choose,” he said. “All I [was certain about] was that I liked running. I really like running.”

From the moment the last bell of the school day ends, Almanza’s itching to change into clothes to begin practice. According to him, they usually run three miles three times a week then eventually make their way up to five miles.

He ties his running shoes, puts on his knee brace and starts off with a beaming smile. Now as a junior on the varsity team, he’s excited to get that routine started again.

“When I was JV my sophomore year, there was only one other person which was kind of intimidating when you see the other school with teams full of 20 people,” he said.

Although a nice new shiny medal wouldn’t be rejected, Almanza admits winning isn’t his main achievement in Cross Country. He runs because he loves it. Despite sprinting in extreme weather, having his heart race and breath run short, Almanza genuinely loves running.

“As I run, my goal is to keep going and to not stop.”
He calls it a ‘runner’s high’ and he wishes to feel it for the rest of his stay in high school.