CYVANNA BOWEN: Running after scholarships



Sophmore Cyvanna Bowen has an undeniable passion for track and field. Her passion for the sport began last year when she joined because her friend was in the sport, “It seemed cool so I decided to try it,” Bowen said. “After a while I started feeling it.”

Track and field served as a motivation for Bowen to keep up her grades so she can remain in the sport. It’s not only her passion for the sport that keeps Bowen dedicated to it, but also the bond she has built with her teammates and coaches. “We all built a bond together with each other,” Bowen said. “I’d even go as far to say they’re like father figures to me.”

Bowen participates 4×1 relay where each person runs 100 meters and passes a baton to their teammate, 4×4 relay which is one lap around the track, open 100, 200, 300, and 400 which is one person running said amount of meters. Although she does a lot of running events, she mostly favors hurdles. “They’re my favorite over everything.” Bowen is considered to be a well rounded athlete when it comes to track and field.

Bowen hopes to continue track and field into college, and plans on chasing scholarships through high school.