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CHEYANNE GAINES: Life skills taught through volleyball

“From the moment I picked up a volleyball, I knew I wasn’t ever going to stop playing.” Senior Cheyanne Gaines has been playing volleyball since she was in the 7th grade and has been on varsity since her freshman year.

“Being on varsity since my freshman year has helped me in so many ways.” Gaines has picked up different techniques to help her serve and spike the ball. She admits when playing with upperclassmen she was intimidated. “I felt more pressure to do better,” she said. “I wanted to prove myself to my team and show them that I deserved that spot.”

When she played at her elementary school, she didn’t think it would lead her in the path it did. “Honestly I’m glad I played before high school” she said. “I know that if I didn’t I probably would have never tried out for the team, let alone accomplish everything I have.” Gaines explained how most of her best high school memories are from her volleyball seasons.

Gaines is sad that her final season of high school volleyball is coming to an end. However, she wouldn’t have traded all of the lessons of teamwork, respect, and diligence that she has learned.

“If it weren’t for the life skills I’ve picked up being apart of this team, I would have been so lost,” she said. “I am motivated and confident because of volleyball.”

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CHEYANNE GAINES: Life skills taught through volleyball