CHARMAIGNE GRESHAM: Senior year pushes athlete for success

Being this her senior year, Charmaigne Gresham has set up a life filled with high expectations for her future after high school.

Despite having volleyball practice four days a week from 5:30 in the afternoon to 7:30 at night, Gresham says she still strives for high achievements to the best of her ability. She seems to have no days off with school and sports in her daily life schedule. Playing a sport almost every season leaves her to have little time to finish up homework and other extra priorities on the side. Being 6’1, Gresham not only plays volleyball, her height also gives her the opportunity to do discus in track and field and play several spots in basketball.

In volleyball, she’s ‘middle hitter,’ which is the person who stands in the middle of the volleyball court and spikes the ball to the other team to score points.

“I have had to sacrifice a lot to play sports,” Gresham says, “like hanging out with friends, and giving up extra time for homework.”

She says she wants her senior year to be her “best year with the best grades.” With little support from her family, Gresham prefers to motivate herself. Gresham went on to say real famous and athletic women in the world like Skylar Diggins, and Serena Williams inspire her to do better when it comes to sports. Academically, she wishes to graduate with a 3.5 or 3.6. Taking a lot of AP and high standard classes she is willing to do whatever it takes to reach her goal with sports getting her way. Gresham says she wants to go to an all black college like Clark University, and The University of Alabama.

Before every game Gresham listens to music to set her mind right and during every game no matter what sports she remembers something her coaches always tell her,

“Nothing will happen over night.”