ESTEBAN RIVERA: Seniors help juniors to adjust to varsity

Sara Abdetlawab
Esteban Rivera, junior, recently transitioned from the JV basketball team to the varsity team and works hard to keep up and play on the same standards as the rest of the team. Although often times the majority of the opposing varsity teams are made up of mostly seniors, Rivera doesn’t let that fact intimidate him.
“It doesn’t affect the way I play,” Rivera said.
He also works hard to keep up with the rest of the team and keep up the high standards set by the other players despite the huge difference in tempo between JV and varsity.
“The games are a lot faster, like every second matters, every half second matters,” Rivera said. “If you’re one half second late then that can determine the whole play, so you have to move a lot quicker.”
Luckily there are seniors who’ve been on varsity for two to three years who help out their underclassmen.