BRANDON ALONSO-RAMOS: Tennis creates brotherly bonds


Being it’s his second year, the sophomore is more than eager to come back to the sport he fell in love with his freshman year.

Brandon Alonso-Ramos decided early on that he did not want to go through high school without having extracurricular activities in his schedule as well. A classmate suggested he join tennis and he immediately was hooked.

“I really like tennis,” he said. “It’s kind of hard when I have a lot of homework and I’ve just gotten some bad tan lines.”

The sophomore anticipates the start of the spring season to reunite with his “brothers.” He’s admitted to bonding really quickly with his teammates. The connections he’s made are what brings a smile to his face whenever he thinks of an upcoming game or practice. “I’m always thinking of how I can get better,” he said. “It motivates me to win because it’s a win for the whole team.”

He plays doubles and intends to play the sport for the remaining of his high school career.