AMYA THAVIXAY: From Dance to Cheer


Photo by: Angel Vasquez

For the majority of student athletes, the sport they play is what defines and builds their character. Through sports, student athletes are able to make new connections, learn life long lessons, and they are able to develop leadership skills. For freshman Amya Thavixay, cheer has been able to provide all of these benefits and more.

Thavixay hasn’t always been into cheer like the majority of her teammates. Her niche for cheer was sparked for her love of dance. Thavixay has always loved to dance since she was able to walk. She loves moving to the rhythm and following the latest dance moves. Anytime and anywhere, if there’s music playing Thavixay is sure to be dancing.

With her love for dance and rhythm, it’s no surprise to anyone that Thavixay decided to join the freshman cheer team. She describes cheer as “fun, but it can get difficult at times.” She says she is able to get through any obstacle in front of her because of her supportive teammates.

Despite her talents for dancing, Thavixay still faces difficulties during practices. She finds jumps and toe touches as “the worst part [of practice]” She hopes to get better by practicing harder and doing more reps at practice. She also struggles with matching the pace of her teammates. Thavixay says, “I sometimes can’t help but move too fast, I need to learn to slow down.”

Thavixay is completely dedicated to cheer, and believes that it is a sport despite what she hears. “We work just as hard as everyone else,” she says. “It’s a sport that can be just as difficult as the rest.”

Thavixay  hopes to become a better person through cheer. She says, “I can’t wait to live through the great memories it will bring.”