AMANDA MUNOZ: Height becomes an advantage

When people look at sophomore Amanda Munoz, their immediate reaction is that she must play sports like volleyball or basketball. But when she tells them she is a swimmer, they are surprised.

For her, swimming has always been a passion. “I was in the pool at 3, and I started competing when I was 5,” Munoz said.

When people say that swimming must be an easy sport to do, she explains the difficulties that most people don’t see. She explained that when one part of your body hurts, it will affect your racing. “You always have something going on,” Munoz said. “You have your mental game, thinking whether or not you can do something. There’s more than just being in the water.”

Her height has always been something she has to take into consideration. At six feet tall, Munoz’s height helps propel her further in the water. She said that having long legs and long arms becomes more of an advantage than a disadvantage. “I can use my arms and stretch it out farther, and I can reach the wall quicker.”

She is ready to officially start the swim season this year after last season. “I was used to leagues and summer swim,” she said. “I had to adjust to a team environment. But now, I have that experience with swimming with others.”