AIDAN DANFORTH: Fighting through the pain


Wrestling was something that sophomore Aidan Danforth had done from the age of four to six. Last year he was encouraged by his friend to go out for wrestling, sparking back his interest for the sport. Restarting with this sport, Danforth was faced with a couple minor struggles, like getting used to being hurt while wrestling. As always things are hard at first, but now Danforth is winning matches and placing medals at tournaments. His most recent achievement was winning first place at a home tournament.

During water polo season this year, Danforth cut his heel preventing him from maintaining his physique. His injury carried into wrestling season and it was hard for him to put pressure on it, but he pushed through it. Danforth still feels the pain from time to time, but it doesn’t stop him from pursuing what he loves to do.

“It’s very demanding. It’s very high class. You need a caliber of certain abilities in order to really perform well in wrestling.”

Not only is being physically strong and fast important in wrestling, but being able to comprehend what moves need to be done.

“You need to be able to endure a long timing match while knowing what you have to do first and second. It takes a lot of practice but you just have to be dedicated.”