Youth gives hope to Delta Kings golf program

Later this month nine Stagg boys will walk onto the golf course for their first  match as a team. This year’s golf team has nine new players, not one player returning from a previous season with Stagg or any competitive team.

Being a team made up of all new players, two of whom have had lessons in the past, coach Dan Offield knows this season will be centered around learning the basics and developing proper technique. “Golf is a sport all about learning, and we’re all new out here,” said Offield.

So far the boys’ practices have started off slow with chipping, putting, and getting ready to learn how to drive — that is, hitting for distance. Offield purposely emphasizes the importance of mastering proper technique such as correct grip on the club and wrist motion.

Sophomore Griffin Boller shared that he is excited for the competitive aspect of the game this season. Although he has outside experience with scrimmages and “First Tee” lessons, this will be his first season on a league team. Not only is Boller excited for the game itself but he looks forward to meeting new people and developing bonds with his teammates. “I haven’t played on an actual team before,” Boller said. “So I’m excited for that.”

In previous seasons Offield did not have to worry about the number of returning players, but this year he has to focus on developing the foundation of the future golf program. “Golf is a game of reality, and we’re reconstructing,” he said.

Calling this the team’s “humbling season,” Offield knows that realistically the importance of developing the techniques properly will be more important than winning the matches. “The reward for me is seeing kids fall in love with the game” he said. Having a team with a lot of underclassmen excites the coach because this gives him more time to teach them how to be exceptional players over the years.