Williams achieves spike in passion through volleyball


Maria Castillo

Senior Malerie Williams warms up before her last game against Chavez High School. After four years of playing volleyball, it’s time for Williams to put away her knee pads, and hang up her jersey.

She pushes her hair back into a sleek ponytail, making sure no small obstacles can hinder her ability to play. At the buzz of the loud scoreboard, her face tenses in concentration with sweat dripping down her temple. Although she’s played volleyball for five years, no game is less important than the one about to be played.
Malerie Williams not only plays for the love of the sport but for the adrenaline she gets during a game. She was first introduced to this sport in middle school and she fell in love ever since.

“My PE teacher at the time was the one who encouraged me to come out and do it in high school.”
The senior couldn’t imagine going through a year of high school without playing volleyball. Taking a brief hiatus in junior year in order to pursue cheerleading, her performance was slightly hindered when returning to the sport senior year. This motivated her to work even harder to play well for her team.
Even though Williams believes that volleyball is a fun sport, she will not be pursuing it in college.
“It being my senior year, I’ve thought so much of how it’s been my last year of volleyball,” Williams said. “It’s bittersweet, I’m probably going to continue playing after high school.”
Sports have become an outlet for Williams. They’ve provided an instant family and refueling of her love for the sport. Because of her participation in volleyball, she has been able to keep her priorities aligned and grades on track. She’s learned how to balance her social life, school work and sports. She says because she’s learned how to work in a team environment, she feels as if she will be able to take those learned skills with her in post-high school life.
“I’ve had a good time. Just being around my teammates was fun, even in the games that we lost, we know that we have each other’s backs.”
Playing in the back row, it’s her job to keep any ball coming their way off the court. A good eye and reflexes are needed for this role.
“I stay deep, and get all the balls over everyone else’s heads,” Williams said.
Luck isn’t the one thing that plays into a good game, someone doesn’t make varsity with mediocre skills. Although under bad leadership, Williams has learned how to improve in the sport independently. Given it’s her final year, the team has adapted to relying on one another for support.
“I’ve enjoyed it,” she said. “It’s been a good run and I’m glad it ended on a nice finish.”