Undefeated once again

Girls badminton wins Section for sixth straight year.Badminton2

Focused minds and faces of determination fill the gym. Shuttlecocks fly everywhere, rackets are swung. The only sound heard throughout the room is the swish of the air moving through the rackets.

Although very successful in the past, each of the badminton girls continue to push hard to continue their winning streak.

The varsity badminton girls team have worked hard to prepare for their sixth consecutive year of Section, which they won again this year.

“They win every year, so it’s no surprise,” coach Hung Nguyen said. “I think it’s because they have more experience now.”

According to junior Lynzie Vang, coach Nguyen always has a plan. Every year they aim towards the league championship, and then Sections. He sets up a ladder for them; he sets goals for them to reach step, by step.

“He taught the team not to get mad at ourselves when we mess up, and to always stay calm,” senior Bao Hoang said.

But Nguyen’s great support wasn’t all that helped. The girls knew what their job was.

They knew they had to work hard individually, and of course as a team.

Constantly they contributed all of their time, dedication, and effort to make their victory possible.

“Bao is one of the most hard working along with Pa Pow,” senior Cathleen San Marcos said. “They stay from the beginning of the practice to the very end.”

For her senior year Hoang tried her hardest to stay undefeated. “Our mindset was we had to win, and got to Sectionals,” Hoang said. “We all helped each other.”

Along with Hoang, senior Pa Pow Her takes advantage of every minute she has, and practices until the coach closes the gym.

“My motivation is my competition,” Her said. “When I’m practicing, I think of all the teams I want to beat.”

Thinking back to her freshman year, Her realizes how far she’s come. “I’m proud to be where I’m at; I sucked my freshman year.”

Though the teammates were all dependable, some struggled with going from playing doubles to singles. Some doubles had lost their partner because they were better off as playing a single.

“It was actually hard because I was so used to having a partner,” Vang said.

But with knowing she had to stay successful, Vang kept moving forward.

“They know what to take each year,” Nguyen said. “It’s a well built program, they know their expectations.”