Rebooted TV shows result in mixed opinions from fans


Kevin Gutierrez & Cevina Calderon

TV reboots are just like twins. People may confuse them by their looks, or in this case their titles, but they certainly have different qualities to them. One may focus on being action-packed, while the other is more on the comedy side. There has been praise for reboots, though are they good enough to please that fan base from years ago while pulling in a new audience? While it may seem simple to do, not every reboot is able to live up to the original.

Countless times there have been TV revivals where the fan base from before just couldn’t enjoy the reboot because it lost the elements that made the original successful. Especially in our current age, it seems as if at least half of the shows on television are a reboot of some kind.

With Netflix’s “Fuller House,” a reboot of the iconic “Full House,” fans weren’t pleased because the show lost its focus on life lessons and instead put its attention more on the comedy. While comedy is a big part of TV, most viewers tuned in to “Fuller House” because they wanted a continuation with the same elements of the original.

Reboots aren’t always a bad thing, and actually have a good intent. With shows like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Rugrats” in the process of being rebooted, they have to make sure to follow certain guidelines while also making changes that aren’t too drastic.

“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” is known for how it incorporated life lessons into such a plot that would seem nearly impossible to do so. And with these lessons, moments of comedy were slipped in to where it wasn’t distracting. The reboot cannot stray away from those lessons and force in comedy like how “Fuller House” did. What the reboot can do, however, is build a cast that’s more diverse and focus on different characters rather than replacing the originals. It’s those changes that’ll improve the show rather than destroy it.

The “Rugrats” reboot also has to follow one huge guideline. It cannot change the animation style in a drastic way. With animation, viewers tend to dislike the reboot when it looks completely different from the original.

Especially since they’re going to use the same characters, it would disappoint if the look was different from how fans remembered them. “Teen Titans Go,” an animated show that made this risky choice, ultimately lost long time fans and is always criticized for their choice to stray away from everything the original had created.

For every reboot, it’s just a matter of bringing back elements from the original while also throwing in a few changes. The original cast returning alone will not be enough to satisfy an audience. It’s the content of the new show that decides whether it will live up to the success of the original.