Former Bruin impacts Queens


Kenyon Pierce

Junior Laurenne Dominguez practices pitching in preparation for an away game against Edison. The Delta Queens went on to win that game 7-6.

A transfer from Bear Creek, junior Laurenne Dominguez now has playing time on the girls varsity softball team. With pitching being her strength some teammates agree that she is the “star.”

Dominguez got familiar with the sport as her dad started coaching her when she was 5. It wasn’t until she was 8 that she got comfortable with pitching. With baseball and softball being the family’s natural sport she grew up having practice time with them on her free time.

Dominguez’s main position is pitcher and plays shortstop, one of the most demanding defensive positions.

“Some skills I see in Laurenne is she has a really positive energy,”  junior Xsence Perez said.

To work as a team requires having a strong connection and Dominguez agrees. She played travel ball and enjoys it because of the bond they have built. Travel ball has helped her become a better player for softball in high school.

“Travel ball for me is better than high school softball because I have a stronger connection with the girls and we’ve known each other for a long time,” Dominguez said.

There are times where the girls on the team feel that she should take a break because she puts in a lot of work.

“The coaches always say ‘Laurenne can do this and that’ but we’re here and she can’t always put all the pressure on herself,” Perez said.

Dominguez’s abilities can be supported by the improvement in the Delta Queens’ record as this season, they have doubled their amount of wins and cut their losses in half compared to last year.

Despite the fact that she was a transfer from Bear Creek the girls had a good feeling she would help bring the team up.

“Her coming from Bear Creek was pretty cool because she came here to get playing time and playing with us has impacted the team,” freshman Oriana Cosgrove said.