People’s differences aren’t a laughing matter


When it comes to something as simple as a joke, is there a such thing as going “too far”? Yes and no. Yes because there are certain things that people, no matter their age, should know are forbidden to make jokes about, and no because, for the most part, a joke is a joke, and it’s just as simple as that. But really, where is the line? It really depends on your sense of humor.

Let’s say that someone has a sister or brother who has a disability. This is the type of thing that they are unable to control, so what would make someone feel like it’s funny or okay to make fun of them? Just take a moment to think about how that person would feel if they knew you were acting that way towards them; or better yet, think of how you would feel if the tables were turned.

Or what if there’s a student that goes to our school that is openly gay or transexual? It’s not uncommon to hear or see people teasing them or talking behind his or her back, but that doesn’t make it right. Obviously teasing someone and bullying them are two completely different things, but it can escalate to an issue very quickly.

Even if you are “just joking,” it may not be funny to them. What you find funny and what someone else finds funny are most likely two totally different ideas. It would be really difficult to find two people that have the same sense of humor, which is why, depending on what you say and the way you say it, some things are really offensive, and some things are totally fine.

Comedians make all types of jokes that can be offensive, depending on the way you look at it. The Justin Bieber Roast that aired on Comedy Central a while back was a bit controversial for a few weeks, as there were a few jokes that people thought were not okay. For example, someone said that because Justin’s mom was a teen mom, he was “busy in the womb dodging coat hangers.” That joke could have, and was, taken very offensively for obvious reasons. “Jokes” like that I personally find not funny, but if you watched the jokes, there were lots of people who thought it was hilarious.

It seems like the jokes that people find offensive are the ones where it applies to them on a more personal level. The person with the sister that has a disability is a good example of this. If someone has a sibling like that and hears a joke making fun of people like that, it could make them upset.

Another thing that I feel is important to mention is the fact that if there’s a television show that someone watches or a comedian that they hate because they think they say or show offensive things, they could easily just not watch or listen. It honestly is that simple. Don’t watch, not offended.

There is never going to be a joke that exists that someone isn’t going to find offensive or rude, so what’s the point in trying to please everyone when everyone’s humor isn’t the same? None at all.