Knockoff films lack originality

‘Midnight Sun’ has too similar a plot to new film, exposing trend

For generations there have been movies that follow the same plot line and concept as others.

Whether it’s boy meets girl and they fall in love plot for a romance film or all the people die except for one person for a horror film, many movies that fall under the same category tend to have similarities.

Yet, at what point do the similarities become excessive? Where do the movie writers cross the line?

When the 2017 romance drama “Everything, Everything” was released a lot of people said it felt like they were watching a knock off of the 2014 film “The Fault in Our Stars.”

Both movies revolve around the life of a sick girl who falls in love with a boy she has just met. The main difference between the two is in one of the films both the girl and the guy are sick but in the other only the girl is sick.

Also, one film has a character dying and the other does not. Although the films do have more differences than similarities they do have their fair share of copycat moments when it comes to the overall plot.

This year, another film “Midnight Sun” was released which dropped the jaws of many movie goers. If you watched “Everything, Everything” last year and then went to watch this film it would be deja vu.

Both film descriptions describe a teenage girl who isn’t allowed to leave her household because of a rare disease that each of them have that could potentially kill them.

Being trapped inside all day, the only way they both get to see the outside world is through their bedroom windows; in which the girls watch a boy. Eventually the characters find themselves falling in love with the boys.

At this point it’s almost as if you’re paying to watch a movie you’ve already seen once before. Some may argue that they’re somewhat different because one girl can’t go out at all and the other can only go out at night, but the overall storyline is what makes them very much alike.

Though trailers aren’t supposed to give out that much of the movies plot, the “Midnight Sun” trailer had beg to differ.

Going to the movies I made sure to be open minded to what I was about to witness. I went in ready to actually watch the movie rather than just base my opinion off the trailer.

The movie itself wasn’t as bad as I expected. It did have very few differences compared to “Everything Everything” such as the disease symptoms and endings.

Yet, the plot overall still felt a little too similar to the other film.

Although there are certain genres of movies that are similar because of their shared genre such as superhero movies, scary movies, romantic comedies etc. seeing how identical these two films were to each other by description and trailer made me wonder what the director was thinking.

Do film directors not care if their movie is similar to another movie? Did they start filming before “Everything, Everything” came out?

Questions like these run through my mind as I try finding something different in the plot to differentiate the two films.

Creativity needs to show in film production and writers as well as the producers should understand that the same movie plotline are not going to entertain audiences forever.