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Girls soccer trains to return to playoffs


A variety of personalities and attitudes. A mixture of players from various schools and other sports teams.  All working together to unite their team as one, to become more committed.

Girls varsity soccer team this year aims to rebuild their dedication and bonds between each girl.

“Every girl brings something different to the team,” senior Vanessa Garcia said. “Miranda brings a positive perspective, and Bri brings speed.”

Junior Brianna Hernandez is one of the four girls transferring from another school.

After being on Edison’s soccer team, and working with her new teammates, she realizes how much more focused the girls here are. “All we need is to work hard, play hard, and do our best.”

Transferring from Franklin, junior Dalia Fernandez also notices the changes.

“There’s more engagement amongst all girls, and they all actually want to succeed.” The coach keeps track of who’s focused and puts in the girls that are more active.

With playing soccer for the first time, and coming from the basketball team, Alijah Turner acknowledges the different environments.

“(Soccer) doesn’t get as much recognition as it should,” Turner said. “Our mindset is to take each game at a time, and to just focus on us.”

“This year my goal is to win a league title and to beat St. Mary’s,” varsity coach Viri said. With having the four girls coming from different schools, and the two from the basketball team, playing soccer for the first time, it’s going to naturally take time to create chemistry between all the girls, he said.

The first step to creating this chemistry, and bettering the team, is going back in time.

“The coach will go back to the way he used to coach, and the girls will go back to how they used to act,” Viri said. “Once they figure that out, they will become a better team.”

With the coach using old coaching habits, and girls bettering their sportsmanship, Viri believes the team will then soon be on their way to success.

Being on varsity for four years, Linda Torres has developed a different perspective. “It’s my senior year, so you have the mindset of wanting to win more than anything.”

Also, with having the new players, Torres wants to work more together to become a “soccer family.”

She has already developed a close bond with Hernandez. “I love Bri because she’s so social.”

“During practices the girls have their head in it,” Garcia said. “But on the field, the commitment level just drops.” If everyone were to have more of a positive attitude Garcia believes their team can be successful, and make it to playoffs.

“Each year we get new players, and different struggles,” junior Stephanie Silva said. “We need to have more full practices, as in having all the girls showing up, so we can all work harder as a team.”

So far with two scrimmages played the girls have a 1-1 record.

Commitment is key, according to every player. And with each girl putting in their dedication, and their individual qualities, they are more than determined to meet every one of their goals for this year.

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Girls soccer trains to return to playoffs