Freshman proves his worth on varsity


Kenyon Pierce

Freshman Corbett Freeman chases down a ground ball against Bear Creek. Stagg went on to lose the game, 5-1.

So young, but so much potential. At least that’s how the varsity coach sees it. Corbett Freeman, a freshman on varsity, puts in the extra work to be the best he can. If he is not practicing then he is on the field getting extra work in to develop more skill beyond his own.

During his younger years he fell in love with the sport of baseball and decided to put it to use as he got into high school. Coach Tony Angelo admires Freeman’s transition into playing at the Varsity level.

“He has a good approach at the plate for a young kid and doesn’t seem to be phased by varsity pitching,” coach Tony Angelo said. “Freeman has been handling the varsity level very well so far,” Angelo said. “He doesn’t get too high when things are going well and doesn’t get too low when things aren’t going his way he stays at a pretty even keel.”

       Towards the beginning of the season he pushed himself through conditioning to show the coaches the ability he has as a player overall along with many other characteristics including leadership.

Growing up, he was inspired by Derek Jeter, “because he has always shown leadership and helped teammates through struggles.” That is when he started play a middle infield position, like Jeter.

         Freeman also plays travel ball, which helps him get better overall. What helped make him committed to the the sport was “when he made a diving catch play” to save the game. He then knew he wanted to keep playing.

The goal he sets for himself throughout the season is to always keep a positive mindset, no matter the situation the team is in. He has been playing for as long as he can remember and is always up for the extra work. He never really planned on playing for varsity until he got to practicing with them and realized he had the skill to do so.

Team captain Jordan Urbistondo, a senior, speaks about how good of a player Freeman is on the field. “He has the loudest voice on the field and always picks everybody up.”

The only struggles Freeman goes through with baseball is remaining calm when something goes wrong in a game because having a good mindset plays a big part during a game.

He plans on continuing playing baseball for the rest of high school career and perchance college.