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Competition drives twins

Competition drives twins

DNA isn’t the only thing that seniors Elliot and Jeanne Miller have in common. The fraternal twins also share a love for playing golf. Elliot started playing his freshman year and Jeanne her junior year, but both found a passion for being out on the course.

Playing the same sport is nothing new for the two; growing up, both played baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, and did gymnastics.

Being involved in golf together has created a competitive atmosphere between the two that goes beyond the common brother-sister rivalry. Jeanne refers to Elliot as more of a “selfish player,” which sparks a more aggressive relationship between them. Even though Jeanne makes accusations about him, Elliot admits that she is the one to smack talk.

However, Jeanne isn’t always talking down to her brother. She is quick to say that he is better than her, but only because he has been playing for a longer time.

Though the two are constantly getting under each other’s skin with all of the talk of competition, they get to spend more time together, which they say in the long run will strengthen their relationship.

Even though Elliot is the more experienced of the two, he always has enough time to mentor his sister.

“I like helping Jeanne out,” he said. “She acts like she knows everything because she is older than me.”

Jeanne finds the one-on-one time helpful and said that they go out on weekends to get more practice time. Elliot has a similar thought.

“It’s kind of cool,” he said. “It’s a bonding time.”  

Not only is the common love for sports a bonding experience amongst brother and sister, but a family affair too.

“My mom doesn’t play, but my dad and grandpa do,” Elliot said.

Their mother no longer plays because of issues with her back that prevent her from being able to swing a club. However, she still tries to be involved as much as she can with her children’s passions.

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Competition drives twins