Bringing back old traditions

Today’s homecoming parade hopes to lift spirit


Kenyon Pierce

Freshman Josie Russell showcases her dancing skills even after participating in an exhausting push-up contest at the Back to School rally in dance competition held by the Stockton Kings.

One of the most talked about events in high school is homecoming. The loud cheers of the crowd under the Friday night lights, the new heels you bought for the dance, and the spirit days are just some of what students look forward to. But what can make this day more eventful? A parade.

Absent for seven years, the tradition of the parade has returned. The parade isn’t just showcasing the homecoming nominees and seeing cars with decorations drive down a street. It’s much more than that. This event is an embodiment of what school spirit and unity is.

“We have been preparing for this since the beginning of summer,” Associate Student Body President Marissa Pimentel said. ASB has spent hours of planning and organizing in hopes to have a successful parade. Getting cars ready and creating performances, many clubs are scrambling to create the best show possible. “A lot of people are excited for this so they’re trying to go all out,” Pimentel said.

Besides the cool cars, band, and cheer performances, there’s another major component, the Stagg Alumni Association. ASB Director Ryan Berg says the alumni play a big part in bringing the parade back to our school. “Every time I talked about the parade with alumni they always talked about how it was a source of pride for the school.” ASB as well as the alumni hope this parade will set a spark in student spirit. “We’re trying to find ways to increase school spirit this year and I said let’s try it,” Berg said.

For senior class treasurer Enekyo Sakata the parade is a representation of his class. “I’m excited about getting to represent our senior class. We get to represent who we are by decorating our car.” He stresses the amount of time that has been put into making this whole thing happen. With help from Chase Chevrolet, the Stockton Kings, Boosters, and the Alumni Association, the student body has been working to make their vision into reality.

“The Stagg parade has been a thing since my uncle went to Stagg,” Sakata said. “Our class having the opportunity to bring it back is exciting.”
With this parade Berg hopes to make homecoming more than what people make it out to be. “Homecoming in some high schools has become just a football game,” Berg said. “I wanted to try and make it a bigger event with the alumni. Make it not just another football game, make it a special event with the football game in the center of it.”

With this parade our school will set itself apart. “It’s unique to Stagg. No one else can say they do this around here.”