Animation becomes real


This year Walt Disney’s animated pictures have taken a backseat to some of the company’s new projects involving the live action recreation of movies like “Tarzan,” “Jungle Book,” “Snow White,” “Mulan,” and “Dumbo”.

So, why the sudden hype of live action movies? It seems that the success of other recently released live action movies such as “Alice in the Wonderland,” “Oz the Great and Powerful,” and “Maleficent” has driven Disney to believe that observers are catching on to the new trend. The profit that has been gained is what is being put towards these proceeds.

Fortunately for those who enjoy Disney movies this is a whole new experience, and for those who have watched the previous version of them, this is not only a “blast in the past” but an opportunity to relive moments with their favorite childhood characters.

“I think them making it seem so real could be a good or bad thing depending on the person,” said sophomore Helen Alcauter. “For us it may seem cool, but for younger children it may take away the fantasy of it all.”

For some observers the “family movie” category that Disney has developed over time is becoming no more. “‘Tarzan,’ for example, has already set a standard with its previous version that cannot be followed,” said senior Alex Abdallah. “I believe it’s becoming more about the money (being gained from the movie) rather than what the younger audience wants, and that takes away the ‘Disney family’ aspect of it.”

However, “Tarzan” is being recreated as a reminiscent. Creators are giving observers a lifelike experience in hopes of showing a different perspective. This is not to strip them of their childhood memories, but allow them to reconnect with new characters and possibly a few plot twists. But, the plot is not the only thing that changes; different graphics, special effects, and animatronics are incorporated as well.

Although there are multiple additions to the film observers may not be aware of the tremendous amount of labor and time it takes to complete them. Technology plays a huge part in the making of live action movies as well as the marketing process. But something that few people may find undesirable is the fact that the rate of tickets sold may not be as high due to the expensive cost of 3D movie tickets. However, some say the difference in experience is worth it.

“This could be a good or bad thing,” Alcauter said. “Seeing it as a cartoon first and now with real people could take away the fantasy of it all.”

However, this all contributes to the illusion that is being portrayed in these movies. Yes, real people are being cast, but that is what brings the fantasy to life, this allowing observers to further their imagination; rather than be enclosed to just a cartoon.