Why celebrity relationships don’t last

That’s it? They only lasted a short 72 days as husband and wife? When Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries called it quits, that’s exactly how the entertainment world reacted. Weird enough, this certainly isn’t the first time two celebrities decided to end their short-lived relationship. In fact, it can be assumed that a majority of celebrity relationships end than last.

Is it them to blame for their fallout? Well, that’s when the answer goes both ways. Of all relationships, celebrities couples have the most complex situations. While it may already seem tough for one to find a soulmate, celebrities often can only match with another celebrity due to trust issues. No one wants to be with their partner thinking that they’re only in it for the lavish lifestyle.

Once they’re able to find a possible partner, it only gets more complicated. The public eye often has their way of pulling the couple apart, whether that’s by creating false scandals or exposing the truth.

For instance, with Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson’s recent split, paparazzi was able to catch Thompson in the act of cheating multiple times. Ultimately, this led to their break up because she was able to find information that she likely wouldn’t have found if they were just two random people.

Does this mean that celebrities shouldn’t try to find a genuine relationship? No, but it definitely won’t be something easy. The two have to be people who are genuinely looking for love, not for a boost in fame. Even if their fans may try to convince them to break up, their actions should be influenced by what they truly believe in.