We may not have flying cars, but technology still advances

In the past, Hollywood created movies that depicted a technology-rich future that fueled the imaginations of many people across the country. They were convinced that by the beginning of the 21st century, the skies would be lit by the headlights of flying cars and outer space would be inhabited by people living in spaceships.

When one looks around now, none of those highly anticipated gadgets are anywhere to be accessed by the general public

This fact seems to disappoint as social media churns out reports of the public being dissatisfied with today’s world, believing that the lack of such technology is proof that the world is taking a turn for the worse.

Because we still don’t have floating cities built in the skies or hoverboards, people don’t think we are advanced enough. People are so convinced that the technology we do have now is actually doing the Earth more harm than it is doing good.

Dams are looked at as great ways to create energy. However, many old and damaged dams cause harmful effects to the environment. According to American Rivers, dams can completely alter the environment surrounding the river, drying out riverbeds and changing the way rivers flow.

Deforestation is another serious problem that people have created for themselves. The cutting down of trees is critical to have wood for building houses, stores, and offices. Lumber is just one of the vital resources people need to keep making buildings that are needed to house families and businesses. As the population keeps growing, so does the need for more buildings. But just because people are now dependent on the wood that is constantly being hacked down it doesn’t mean that we should go ahead and strip entire ecosystems of their forests.

Deforestation is incredibly harmful to the land and the animals that make those forests their home.
Without these forests, entire climates can change, species can become extinct, and the forest itself can ultimately be wiped from existence. Then where will our precious resources come from?
People keep talking about such man-caused disasters and including the deterioration of natural resources by humans and it leading to the “end of the world.”

However, it really isn’t necessary to drag a negative future that hasn’t even happened yet into the present.

If people only think about the future in negative terms, then that may as well be the only future we come to see. It dooms us to only think of the worst that can happen.

If we look to the technology that we do have today and compare it to what we had in the past, it can be fairly asserted that we have gone such a long way.

An everyday tool that perfectly represents such an advancement is the Internet. In the 1950s, it was nonexistent. Because it is now literally everywhere in the world, people treat it like it’s nothing special and automatically assume that everywhere they go, the Internet will be with them.

The most amazing way that the world has advanced its use of technology is in the medical field. With all the laser surgeries, body scans, and antibiotics, people are now living much longer lifespans than in the past years.

To avoid our “own destruction,” we must change the way they look at the world and pick up on the good things about the technology that we do have.
If we are capable of degrading such a world, then we are still capable of improving its environment.