Uneducated Criticism


With a president like our current president, it’s no wonder why people complain so often. But often, some of the people don’t even know what they’re complaining about, or for better explanation, don’t know what they’re complaining about.

Donald Trump is quite far from being the perfect president. He’s often the target for hate, given that sometimes it is warranted, but most of the time I hear people complain about him just because others are complaining about him.

When Trump first started popping up in the news before the election began I disliked him. I knew he was a bad guy from the snippets of different things I had heard about him, but honestly I based my disliking towards him because, well, everyone else around me hated him.

Since then I’ve educated myself on why he’s not a good president or person in general. And since then I’ve also noticed how those around me are just like I use to be. They complain but don’t understand what they’re complaining about, and it’s frustrating, especially when these people claim to be “woke.”

If people are going to complain about Donald Trump, which don’t get me wrong I’m all for, they should educate themselves before making any actual claims. There’s way more to complain about than just the way he looks.