Trump’s messy cabinet

Recently, the president-elect Donald Trump has appointed several people to his cabinet and appointee; something is quite noticeable about his selections though, they are all extremely biased. As of recent, 11 people have been picked for Trump’s cabinet and appointees, and two for his executive staff.

The majority of these picks are supporters and endorsers of Trump’s presidency. It is to point out that all presidents surround themselves with a small group of people they trust implicitly, but taking into notice just exactly who Trump has picked, it can be determined that many do not belong in a position of governmental power.

Trump has yet to fill 12 open slots of appointees and cabinet, and although candidates have been announced, there are many rumors already deciding who is going to fill certain spots. While Trump’s first few picks, including Sessions, Flynn and Pompeo plus his White House team, were all white men, Trump has since moved to add more diversity to his Cabinet, such as DeVos and Haley whom are both women, and Haley being the daughter of Indian immigrants. As positions continue to be filled, on question remains — do these people truly deserve to be in those slots?

I do not see these choices as a surprise. Knowing what kind of person Trump is, it was obvious he was going to badly pick his appointees and cabinet. I think the people should have more say as to who is picked, we are a democratic country after all. Some of Trump’s picks were not that bad, but never the less they could have been much better.

Some choices on the other hand, namely the choice of Steve Bannon as Chief Strategist and Senior Advisor was completely ridiculous. I strongly believe that someone as ignorant and just plain rude should not be allowed to be in such position of power. These position choices should be overseen many times by many people in the future. Hopefully, this chaotic cabinet choice will have a good endgame.