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TOMS Creator Makes a Difference With Charity

TOMS Creator Makes a Difference With Charity

It’s the year 2002. “The Amazing Race Season 2;” a television series on CBS in which average people compete for cash in a race around the world is taking place. Among those competing are Blake and Paige Mycoskie.

To some, these names mean nothing. Just two more contestants on another television series. But this brother-sister team went on to do amazing things.

If you want to see one example of their labor, look down at your feet. Blake Mycoskie is the creator of TOMS Shoes.

TOMS has a program called One for One in which for each pair of shoes sold, one pair is donated to a child in need.

 Some may be thinking that this program cannot possibly make much of a difference if it’s only donating one pair at a time. Well, since it started in 2006, the One for One program has donated over 1 million pairs of shoes to children in the United States, Argentina, South Africa, and Ethiopia.

Don’t believe it? Look around one day at the shoes people are wearing. The one pair at a time grows fast.

Mycoskie isn’t the first to do something like this.

In an effort to support those in Haiti, Casey Ryder created a shirt. One hundred percent of the profits go to UNICEF for medical assistance, fresh water, and temporary shelter in Haiti.

Another project like this is the Songs for Japan CD. A two-disk set that includes artists such as Bruno Mars, Beyonce, John Lennon, Cee Lo Green, and Queen. This set is dedicated to supporting Japan after the series of earthquakes that occurred. It was released March 25 and costs only $9.99 on iTunes.

Though TOMS weren’t the first to do something like this, they also weren’t the last. Skechers released BOBS Shoes with the same One for One ideal. The idea of copy-catting TOMS may be thought to be wrong in some cases. But if you think about it, it’s a great opportunity. Both brands are working towards the same goal so it is more likely to be achieved.

TOMS goes on tours around the world to take shoes to children in need almost every year. In 2006, 10,000 shoes were given to children in Argentina. Only three years later, over 140,000 shoes were given away to children in Argentina as well as Africa.

Over the few years that this business has been active, it has definitely made a huge difference. Imagine how it was for Mycoskie. Going from being a lucky contestant on “The Amazing Race 2” to having his own business and charity. His success is such a big leap from where he was.

His ideas have made such a huge difference so far, and his charity is only growing. How many more pairs could be sold in the years to come?

Maybe one day their goal will be achieved one day.

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TOMS Creator Makes a Difference With Charity