Tide Pods, it’s not food it’s detergent

One of the biggest internet crazes of January is the whole deal of people eating Tide Pods. Even though these laundry detergent pods aren’t meant to be eaten, people still do so.  The pods contain many chemicals and ingredients that aren’t meant to go inside the human body, but to rather clean clothes. This has resulted in many people becoming sick and some even dying.

The motive for people eating these dangerous household items is unknown. However, if I had to guess I would say that people just eat them for fame. People, particularly teens, take a taste of the pod, then post the video in hopes that it’ll spread and go viral. If it means that they will lose their lives for the fame, then so be it.

The Tide Pod challenge has gotten so famous that certain places have made snacks that look like Tide Pods. In Dallas, they’ve started making cookies made to look like Tide Pods. The icing on top of the cookies represents the blue and orange logo of the pod. The sprinkles on top of the cookies represent the detergent. In Brooklyn, one pizzeria has went to the extreme to make Tide Pod pizzas, similar to the shape of a pizza roll. If this will stop people from eating the actual pods, then I’m for the snacks.

This is one of the dumbest challenges I have ever witnessed. People are getting sick and dying from these pods and for what? The slim chance that their video will go viral and give them a bit of fame? If people are dumb enough to try this challenge, then they deserve the consequences. For those who have the common sense to stay away from the pods, keep it up. The pods were made for and should only be used for cleaning dirty clothes.