Thrift store prices rapidly increasing

I’ve always been an advocate for recycling, and this includes clothes. Plus, it’s always cool to find something nice for a lower price just because it’s second hand. Recently after doing some thrift shopping, I started to notice that prices are increasing. I’ve always been about paying for quality and what not, however, the quality of things are being over priced too high to had been casually thrown out or donated.

Thrift store prices have generally been priced based off of condition, which is logical. But it seems like they are starting to base it off of brand names instead. Things like Tommy Hilfiger are being priced so highly while for being in mediocre condition.

I understand all pricing isn’t actually the same,but prices of used articles of clothing should be nowhere near the amount they are currently at.

There is more to the rise in prices. Not only are the name brands to blame but the popularity of thrift shopping. Before thrift shopping was “hip” and the thing to do, people who come from low income households were the ones to do their shopping at second hand stores.

Realizing the trend and interest from teenagers, owners of these thrift stores raise their prices to make profit knowing minors will willingly pay for the clothes.

What these owners fail to understand is that  while they feel like their gain is harmless, people who can’t shop anywhere else but thrift stores are being affected.

People who struggle to make ends meet, living paycheck to paycheck, do not have the luxury of shopping at their local mall or department store. Second hand stores were created for a reason, to sell low priced, used clothing. Prices of clothing should remain as they were before thrift shopping became the craze.