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“Thrift Shop” Parody

It’s a parody of “Thrift Shop.”

Here are the lyrics:



I’m gonna go to stagg

Got my snapback attached to my pocket

I-I-I’m duckin’ so CSM’s don’t run up

This is freakin awesome.


I walk up into class like what up is it 2 o clock?

I’m so pumped bout to get some swag from the student shop

Bald on his head, I love paffdaddy

Students like dang “why’s he so damn happy”

Rollin in half asleep, headin into Ray’ G’

Dressed fresh hella clean oh crap where’s my Id

Draped in a polo hat, just got this new tat

Probably shouldn’t got this smells like the wrestling mat


But hey it was 99 cents!

I be poppin’ it, lockin’ it, bout to go get some condiments

passin’ up on the lunch line that you fools be standin’ in

but me and snoopy talkin man

I’m runnin’  geting off campus and

Savin’ my money  I’m hella hungry like kobe SWISH

Imma go bolly style, sike dancing gagnam style

No for real- ask ms. Spector- can we try this zumba out?

Cinnamon tea spoon and some ice blisters

Brown and gold t-shirt wearin’ it to win it

They had a pizza contest, I won a pizza contest

Get a new pool, better grab a life vest

Hello, hello, sherm man in bio

The Tank aint got nothin’ on my board game, hell no

I could take some shape-ups, make them cool, wear those

Hype beasts be like “aw those kicks is fresh yo”


What you know about a havin’ an English teacher mom’n

What you know bout beein’ on worldstar’n

I’m chillin, I’m chillin, goin on to college

This man’s fast over hurdles he get up

Thank your granddad very much for puttin’ work in that alumni fund

Cuz right now I’m in here testing

School night I’m in the library not the (functions)

But on the weekend I’m all up in the (functions)

Your mammy yo mommy yo momma yo mother

I’ll take the pink sweater she knitted and I cop that mother trucker

The one with the cheetah print on that mother trucker

I hit class and they stare at that mother trucker

And they like “oh but that TRU religion is hella tight”

I’m like, “yo – that’s 250 for a jean shirt”

Full Ignition, bet Auto Shop be driftin’

With a nice pimped out whip that’s straight up legit

This song will be huge, a really, really big hit

If you don’t like it, you must be ignit

Ms. D is hella dope

You think looking like Russell  from ‘Up’ not trying is lame?  That’s a hella no

Clete game, come take a look at my Vapors though

Trynna get fame, not in the game man you hella won’t

man you hella won’t…

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“Thrift Shop” Parody