Those showing cultural appreciation should not be judged


There’s a fine line between cultural appropriation and appreciation, or at least that’s what seems to be the case in social media. It’s a risky take when one decides to wear something from another culture, mostly because most don’t know how to distinguish appreciation and appropriation. Instead of taking time to decide if someone is actually trying to appreciate a culture, people would rather

I was on Twitter the other day and when I came across yet another controversial problematic post. The post was a picture of a white teenager showing off a Chinese style dress that she wore to prom, which she labeled as a “vintage” dress she bought from a thrift store.

Of course a Twitter post isn’t complete without the overused comments that say phrases such as “the whites are at it again,” and “the caucasity.” Of course, these strings of comments get hundreds of likes and replies.

In all honesty, there is nothing wrong with her wearing the dress. Many people nowadays feel the need to criticize everything in the name of wokeness. The girl has repeatedly said she meant no harm by wearing the dress, and she was in no way mocking Chinese culture, she was appreciating it.

By shaming people for partaking in different aspects of different cultures, people are basically promoting a form of segregation. Cultures should be shared and celebrated, and it shouldn’t be a problem when people partake in different cultures traditions.

I can see where most people are coming from on this situation though. People make fun of cultures often, so it’s no wonder why people are so wary. There should only be a problem when it is blatantly obvious someone is mocking a culture, not when they are appreciating it.