The happiest place on Earth… for some

As one of many Stagg students who had never been to Disneyland before, I was quite disappointed to find out that our Grad Night trip to that storied land in Anaheim had been cancelled. I was even more disappointed to learn that some of Stagg’s students were able to attend a Grad Night, only it wasn’t the large group that it was initially intended to be.

Somehow, seven of Stagg’s students were allowed by our administrators to join Pacific Law Academy on their Grad Night trip. All of these students also just happened to be ASB members or friends of other ASB members who were attending the trip. When I found this out, I was pretty angry, and I am not the only one who feels that way.

Why is it that our class Grad Night trip was cancelled, but only seven students were allowed to bend the rules? This trip was not given as a reward for any special achievement or because of any particular reason. It was simply seven students who begged their precious administrators to go and enjoy themselves without being accompanied by the rest of their graduating class.

This is unacceptable and we deserve an apology. Simple as that. We were supposed to go with the rest of Stagg’s graduating class of 2019 and enjoy ourselves together in Disneyland. The key word there is together, and this is the word that our administrators seemed to forget about when they allowed those students to go on the trip. I sent an email to Principal Andre Phillips, who has failed to comment on the subject.

I, along with many other students, registered and paid for the trip only for it to get cancelled. We were given a refund, but even so, we were not able to go on the trip, and that should have been that. A small group of selected students should not be able to go without the rest of us just because they wanted to go. The rest of us wanted to go too, but did we get to? No. And no student should be able to say otherwise.