Teenagers lack historical insight

Alexus Plascencia

It’s a sad thing when you can’t have an educated conversation with a group of teenagers. Nowadays, teenagers are not well informed of much outside the social media and entertainment realm. Talk to them about important events in history, current events, or even just common knowledge and you’re almost guaranteed a dead conversation. But ask them about the song “What does the fox say?” or the Sharkeisha video and they will be able to give you any detail you ask for.
Today’s generation revolves around technology. But shouldn’t having access to more sources of news mean teens should be more informed? In most cases, that is not true.  Instead, social networks, and media, seem to be all of what consists of a typical teenage life. And I can admit to being guilty for that. But I can also say that I do have a sense of my world around me. Even if I’m not constantly refreshing the news page, a daily look at news websites keeps me up to date. It’s not that hard, it takes as much effort as logging on to Instagram. But for some it’s impossible.
Pull up a picture of Paul Walker and teens will give respect and go on about how much of a tragedy his death was. Pull up a picture of Nelson Mandela and there will be looks of confusion or jokes asking if it’s Morgan Freeman. But he also passed away.  It shocks me that teens will have the nerve to joke, and laugh, at a man who fought for so much, and suffered, and still had an open heart. He’s the kind of man that should be respected in every way– not that he isn’t. But amongst all age groups, not just the adult world.
Sometimes I’d like to imagine the world without the technology that suffocates our lives from becoming so much. I want to live in a time where you could hold a conversation with a peer without having to explain in full detail what you’re talking about because they’re completely unaware. But the world is modernizing more and more each day, and that’s something I’m going to have to accept. There is little hope for each new generation.