Take a stand against guns

With the recent school shooting in Florida, many including myself wonder what can be done to prevent further of them, what can be done to stop the madness. Shooting after shooting, nothing seems to be changed. That is except for the fact that we’re starting to accept these shootings as a normal thing.

That idea shouldn’t even be a thing. We shouldn’t have to live in a world where shootings happen almost every week, killing innocent people. We shouldn’t have to be afraid to go out to huge public events because of the risk of a shooting. If we want to finally live in a world where shootings are at minimum, we need to make a change.

Too many times, I hear people complaining about how our government fails to make changes to the gun laws, yet they do nothing about it. If they really want the laws changed, they’ll protest. They’ll protest for the victims that died from shootings, they’ll protest for themselves, and they’ll protest for the future generation.

When I say protest, I don’t mean running around all wild, vandalizing people’s property like how we recently had a walkout. Stagg’s walkout was wrong and did nothing but embarrass us. I mean bringing out signs, chanting for what you want. This will get the government to listen to us. And if you really want them to listen to you, you’re gonna need a ton of people. Having only ten people chant will not do anything.

Yes, it may take some work, but in the long run it’ll pay off. We won’t have to worry as much about shootings once gun laws become more strict. There will finally be a time where we know we fixed the problem ourselves. We’ll know that we took initiative to protect not only ourselves, but also our fellow peers.