Sound equipment problems will finally be resolved

Technical difficulties happen all the time, but when it happens on a regular basis the problem needs to be fixed. What is frustrating is that throughout my three years of high school, I have noticed that there has always been a problem with microphones and speakers.
It seemed as if it was never a big problem to have caught a good amount of attention for the administration to notice.

As many students know we had a multicultural rally a few weeks ago and during both rallies there was something wrong with the equipment.

“Now this is the most embarrassing thing that can happen to our students,” PLUS advisor David “DMac” Morias said.  

It was an especially embarrassing moment for me and the Black Student Union Club because we went up there and couldn’t perform what we wanted to.

Our performance wasn’t what were embarrassed of, but the fact that we went up there and the microphone wasn’t working is what made us embarrassed.

Also for Korean Club, who had to perform while the speakers were blown out made the club frustrated with the outcome.

While the BSU club felt frustrated with the outcome of the rally, they talked to DMac afterwards.

“I and the staff already knew this was going to happen,” DMac said.

Now that was shocking to hear because it’s almost as if staff didn’t care, which couldn’t be true. Not everything always goes according to plan, but it’s common sense to have a Plan B, which wasn’t apparent while we waited for the equipment to get fixed.

These events are activities students look forward to attending. Without these events what fun is there in school?

Rallies, assemblies, and music being played on the usual Friday always gets me excited for the school day because I get to enjoy time with friends, but it’s obvious that it’s impossible without equipment that is in working condition.

 “Since the rally a new set of speakers has been ordered because the other speakers were blown out and that is the reason why music hasn’t been played lately,” student activities director Ryan Berg said.

When I think of activity events for students, they are the first thing that comes to mind. How they enjoy these kinds of events to make memories with friends, get to see great performances from fellow classmates, and just the spare time out of learning.

Students enjoy these activities because most already view school as “boring” or “lame.”

During those events I always see a good amount of students enjoying their time with friends while being entertained by music and whatever else is going on.

I don’t expect to come to school to be entertained by music, but when we do have activities like these, it’s always a relief to get through it with no major problems.

The sound equipment has been ordered to arrive by this Friday or later. This would be nice for our upcoming assemblies where we can get through it without difficulties. Which is a good thing to start up for students entertainment.