Social media isn’t as bad as potrayed


Woman On Phone by Antony Joro (CC-SA)

Nowadays all I hear in regards to social media is that it’s bad. If those who believe this would just take a step back and focus on the big picture instead of the negative, then maybe they’d be able to notice the positives of social media.

One big argument about social media is teens are addicted to it. In a way, I can see how people think this, young people are constantly on their phones but guess what, adults aren’t as above this as they’d like to believe. Every time you go out I can guarantee you will see someone age 25 and above scrolling through social media. Often those who bash on social media, usually old people, have a Facebook account that they’re constantly on; sure they might excuse it by saying they’re using it to keep up with family but regardless, they’re still glued to their phones.

Another thing that people say is that people ‘hide behind a screen’ when they’re on social media. This is said in regards to when people say rude things on social media, or when they have a whole new persona online. Well duh. Of course people are going to act different online, circumstances are completely different than real life situations. Also, people act different in person too. I wouldn’t go up to a teacher and act the same way I would if I were with a friend.

Also, people were accused of being ‘fake’ way before social media impacted my generation’s life, and any other generation for that matter. Now that social media is a big thing, people just want more of a reason to bash on it.

 Focusing on the negative on social media of course is going to make it look bad. Why not instead of painting social media to be the doom of society, focus on the good. Social media helps spread important news, increases awareness, and provides an online way to donate money for different causes. If you think social media is so bad then don’t use it at all, otherwise you’re just adding fuel to the fire.