Social media becoming unthankful for Thanksgiving

With spooky season over, social media has moved onto the next season and they’ve chosen the festive season? Everything in between, social media doesn’t care about it. In response to this, fans of November’s famous holiday Thanksgiving are starting to bring awareness to the fact that their holiday isn’t getting as much coverage.

Set between the time gap of Halloween and Christmas, it is reasonable to understand why some can just ignore Thanksgiving’s presence. Both holidays are arguably the two most popular ones of the year. Decorations for Halloween and Christmas can always be seen around this time of the year, whereas it’s rare to find a house that has Thanksgiving decorations. Similarly, while movies related to either holiday are always on repeat during the end of the year, the only movie I know that’s related to Thanksgiving is “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.”

However, the holiday shouldn’t be only acknowledged for only a couple of days before just because there may not be as many decorations or movies promoting the holiday. With social media, the trend right now is making gift bags that go along with the current holiday. Spooky seasons baskets are now irrelevant, so social media has decided to move onto festive baskets. Though, they could’ve just went with thankful or harvest baskets that are much more relevant.

With the concept of friendsgiving is becoming more popular every year, this would also be the perfect way to celebrate Thanksgiving. Basically the same as Thanksgiving, friendsgiving focuses on friends coming together to show how thankful for each other. This doesn’t have to only happen during the week of Thanksgiving, as it can take place any time in November. Instead of participating in secret santa early, people should participate in their own friendsgivings.

Just because there may not be any promotion for Thanksgiving doesn’t mean it should be ignored. The message of the holiday is just as important as any other holidays message. People could partake in friendsgiving, and even decorate their homes if they feel the need to. Or they can even make harvest baskets since those are popular nowadays. All in all, Thanksgiving shouldn’t be ignored.