Sexual abuse on senior citizens is repulsive

Seniors in America’s nursing homes have been horrifically raped and sexually abused. CNN has gone investigating this issue and through exclusive analysis, federal data, interviews with experts, regulators and families of victims, they found that seniors being raped in nursing homes is frequently occurring, but nothing is done to shine light on this matter.

At Brian Center Health & Rehabilitation in Waynesville, North Carolina Luis Gomez had been raping and sexually abusing the woman in the rehab center . This goes to show that it doesn’t matter what age you are, rape can still occur. A 53 year old woman who was there due to a massive stroke she had suffered from, reported being cornered between a closet and a bathroom by Gomez while he had his hand up her shirt, she was then raped. After two weeks of this happening, she reported it to the director of the nursing home, Gail Robertson, but instead of helping her he told her “to go live under a bridge, because nothing like that happened.” Then the police were asked to escorted her to the psychiatric ward, no one believed her because they thought she was just hallucinating.

Its heartbreaking that no one believed this woman just because of the fact that she was on heavy medicine, but it’s utterly disgusting how she was put in a psychiatric ward and no one took action to defend this woman. The Brian Center isn’t the only nursing home where rape and sexual abuse is happening, it is an issue happening across America.

Rape and Sexual abuse has been a problem for a long time, and everyone knows it can happen to anyone, but it sickens me that just because it happens to a woman on heavy medicine she is taken as a crazy person. The fact that this man could take advantage of this poor woman should bring more attention to situations like this. A woman in a nursing home, or a man, should feel safe, not consistently in the feeling like there is a predator about to hurt them.

Gomez should have immediately suffered the consequences for hurting this feeble woman. In this case, I also think the director of the Brian Center should get fired or have a consequence for letting this woman get taken advantage of. The situation just now got the light it should’ve gotten the first time. People putting a family member in a nursing home should be aware that things like this, sadly, can happen.